quotesIt’s not a matter of “If”

rather it’s a matter of “When” a crisis will occur.

Your personal or company reputation takes years to build and only seconds to destroy. It is essential that every crisis be controlled, resolved or contained within 4 hours or less to avoid significant reputation damage.  Every person has a different definition of a crisis. A crisis is a situation or event which can significantly affect the short and/or long-term credibility, financial stability and/or safety. If the issue you are dealing with falls into this definition . . . you have a CRISIS.

Today, facts alone are insufficient to communicate and build trust across the broad spectrum of our media landscape. Consequently, companies face the possible loss of market share, competitive edge and reputational damage.

Why should you prepare for a crisis?

Because controlling a crisis will protect your good reputation in the community AND if handled properly, can limit or eliminate future lawsuits that usually come out of a crisis issue.  Being proactive in your preparedness for a crisis can be the difference between the crisis going unnoticed outside your walls, or going public and potentially costing you millions of dollars in lawsuits, not to mention a ruined reputation.

quotes24/7  support and counsel

through the life cycle of a CRISIS.

Individuals and corporations around the world look to Critical Point Communications for the following crisis management services:

Crisis Communications & Response.

Crisis Plan Development.

Crisis Training for Senior Management.

Imminent Threat Management.

Litigation & Regulatory Communications.

Online Reputation Management.

Media Response Training.

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