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Critical Point Communications has the only nationally-accredited 4-hour crisis training seminar in the United States. This seminar is for owners and senior management to train you in what to do in the event of a crisis emergency. This seminar teaches the importance of controlling the flow of information regarding the crisis and options for dealing with the crisis both internally and externally.

The seminar discusses the top 5 real-life crisis situations and how to deal with each issue as well as the importance of a crisis communications plan. The seminar has time built in for interaction and Q&A. Each attendee receives a crisis communication handbook for future reference, including what to do in the event of a crisis, internal and external communications, media communications, real life case study experiences, etc.

Critical Point Communications presents attendees with a seminar focused on internal and external crisis communications issues and real-time problem solving.  We delve deeply into actual case studies, approaches and results in which Critical Point Communications has experienced over the last 15 years.

The seminar teaches attendees the following:

Internal Crisis Communications

  • Who to call first when a crisis takes place
  • Addressing the employees and rumor control

External Crisis Communications

  • What to do if the media calls or shows up on your property during the crisis
  • Controlling the message of the crisis
  • The 3 options you have in dealing with the media
  • Top 5 crisis situations and how to deal with each
  • Extensive Q&A and audience participation

You will also receive a sample Crisis Communications Policy which can be used in your Employee Manual.

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