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Critical Point Communications works with law firms throughout the United States in developing communications protocol for companies involved in litigation. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, Critical Point Communications can assist your legal counsel in communicating to the media to best position your case in the media. Media relations can be a powerful tool for influencing public opinion.

The owners of Critical Point Communications come from the broadcast industry. We have more than 45 years of experience working directly in national media. We know how the media thinks, how to communicate to them and how to influence public opinion using the media as the tool.

Those companies that deal with regulatory oversight must be ready to address any adverse, significant or insignificant issue which may arise during a regulatory inspection or audit.  Industries such as healthcare (hospitals) and long-term care communities are inspected regularly and often receive a citation or reprimand for an issue not related to the quality of care.  The media will use these “inspections” as a starting point for developing a negative story against your company.

Critical Point Communications

uses our years of media experience to communicate and craft custom communications to the media to negate negative attacks against your company.

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